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Washing Instructions for Wool and Silk

Washing Instructions for Silk

Natural coloured silk should always be washed by hand. Different coloured pieces should be washed separately. Please always use a mild detergent as Conlei or neutral soap. The water should have bathing temperature and you have to rinse at least three times. Please spin the silk or press it carefully in a towel afterwards. Then the damp silk should be ironed with steam. It depends on your speed and your ability of ironing whether you set your iron on linen, cotton or silk.

Washing Instructions for Wool

Woollen clothes always have to be washed by hand as wet wool must not be moved intensively. The water should have bathing temperature and you should use a mild detergent, such as Conlei, neutral soap, soap splints or soft soap. You should rinse at least three times and lower the temperature with each pass.Then the wool should be well spun. If you don't possess a spin dryer you could use the corresponding programme of your washing machine (without using the rinse programme). It is advisable to put the woollen clothes into a pillow slip or another textile bag. Afterwards shake the woolen clothes well, unfold them carefully on a towel and pull into shape. Then beat them a bit with your flat hand, smoothen them and let them dry lying on a towel. Do not iron, it would ruin the wool.

Washing Instructions for Hand-Spun Wool

The hand-spun wool has to be washed before being knitted. By washing the wool the twist thread is set.

The woollen thread becomes looser, fluffs up and gets shorter. In order to wash the spun wool you have to wind up a hank. In case you don't have a reel (you could possibly make a cross reel >Niddy Noddy< yourself), you could use a big book, the back of a chair or use your hand stretching your thumb away from your fingers rolling up the yarn between hand and ellbow. The hanks are to be tied up together loosely two to four times so that they don't get all tangled up during the washing process. The yarn - whether the wool has been cleaned or not - should be cleaned with a mild detergent at bathing temperature. In order to fix the twist it is advisable to use a good detergent. Please rinse well afterwards, spin and shake the hank well so that the threads are all sorted within. Then lay out flat to dry or hang up.

Der Wollstrang wird ausgeschlagen
A woollen hank has to be shaken well after washing and spinning.

It is not sensible to use weights to dry as the woollen material is very elastic and would stretch.

Waschanleitung für Woll- und Seidensachen

Vorbereiten der gesponnenen Wolle zum Färben

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